Equipment Installation

New Construction Installation

Southern Comfort Heating and Air, LLC works with several contractors providing HVAC equipment installation to new construction buildings.  We are capable of mapping out jobs for anything from single-family, residential homes to apartment complexes to commercial buildings.

Equipment Replacement

At some point or another, many homeowners or business owners will find themselves having to replace outdated HVACR (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration) equipment.  When that time arrives, we're here to help!  Our technicians will remove all old equipment and install the new.  Most importantly, WE CLEAN UP.  We will never leave your home, or place of business, littered with job materials.

Ductwork Modifications

Improperly installed or damaged ductwork will always result in poor air flow.  Eventually leading to stuffy rooms and high energy bills, no matter how the thermostat is set.  If you have rooms that are difficult to heat or cool, or if you find ductwork that is tangled or kinked, call us.  Our duct modification service will correct any issues and ensure proper airflow in every room.  We seal all of our ductwork to meet the manufacturer's specifications, all in effort to make you comfortable again.

Promotional Options

We understand replacing your heating and air conditioning equipment can be costly.  HVAC products are an investment - the same as your car is.  Replacing your equipment at the right time will save you money in the long run - which is why we have partnered with Synchrony Bank in effort to offer you financing options to make life easier.